Chimney Cowls

We provide a number of different type of cowls. They can be broken down into three categories.

  • Cowl that protect your chimney – Rain Cowls, Chimney Caps and Bird Guards
  • Cowls that prevent or help alleviate down draughts- Spinner Cowl, Junior Cowl, MAD Cowl.
  • Cowls to reduce wind noise- Lobster Cowl, Revolving Cowl.
Chimney Cap

Chimney Cap
For non used chimneys, prevents animals and water entering the chimney while allowing to ventilate

Anti Bird_Rain Cowl

Anti Bird & Rain Cowl

Provides excellent rain, wind, bird & animal protection. Click to view more information

Anti Down Draught

Anti Down Draught Cowl

Highly Effective in preventing down draught


Spinner Cowl

Solves problems of down draught whilst the rotating increase ventilation. Click to view more information

Pot Hangar

Pot Hanger Cowl for Flex

Designed to fit solid fuel flexi liner to the chimney without the need to remove the chimney cap

All the cowls listed above with the exception of the bird guard are available in Terracotta and Buff with the exception of the Bird Guard.

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